In 2001, Seven Doc acquired Editions Publialp, created in 1956 by Jack Lesage. Until then, Seven Doc published only the series "Moteur, la voiture de leur vie", devoted to legendary cars, as well as the Arts & Culture collection. With the acquisition of Editions Publialp, Seven Doc has published two prestigious book + DVD box sets:

La Collection Phares (The Lighthouses Anthology)

A series of book + DVD box sets on writers, painters and surrealist poets: Yves Tanguy, André Breton, Yves Elléouët, Jacqueline Lamba, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Desnos, and Alan Glass... This collection now comprises seven high quality box sets.
Each box set contains various films and an 88 page book recounting the life and work of each artist, illustrated with unpublished documents printed in full colour.

André Breton

La Collection Montagne (The Mountain Collection)

A series of book + DVD box sets tells the story of the “conquistadors of the useless”, the people who have opened up the finest routes in climbing history. This collection now comprises two high quality box sets. Each pack contains 3 films and an 88-page illustrated book of unpublished documents.

Lionel Terray

Gaston Rébuffat

Cirque Arlette Gruss box set

Publialp publications have also explored the world of the circus, releasing the Cirque Arlette Gruss box set in March 2010.

Cirque Arlette Gruss

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