Seven Doc

Production - video edition - documentary distribution

Séverine Gauci


An idea, a smile, a coffee always at hand, a passion for images and atypical subjects, and eternally optimistic, Séverine is someone who likes to swim against the current... This wholehearted commitment lies behind the successful development of her business. Her first steps into broadcasting began in 1991 at DSV, where she produced over 200 publicity films. In parallel, she created a documentary production department and co-produced a first series for France 2, “Les hauts lieux spirituels”. Other themes were developed with the production of 50 documentaries which she utilised to establish the department of video publishing and distribution. In 1997, she joined Ampersand in Paris, specialising in international television film distribution and developed a department producing documentaries on the themes of Ethnology and Discovery. She thus participated in the production of twenty documentaries made for national and international television channels. With her new expertise, she returned to her hometown of Grenoble in 1999, to establish SEVEN DOC. During the past 11 years she has produced over 80 documentaries. They are films which tell the stories of pioneers and recount those of our contemporaries. “Whether it's in the field of spirituality, art or sports, we (note: Séverine also rarely speaks in the first person as a “big thank you” to all those involved in the adventure of the films she produces), only produce documentaries which trace the stories of men and women of exceptional destiny” she says.

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