Claude Cahun

Claude Cahun was an independent, emancipated, non-militant gay woman of private means, an "errant writer", a versatile artist, revolutionary, individualistic, an atypical Surrealist. In a word, unclassifiable. Totally nonconformist - through her perpetual desire to be different and her "obsession with the exception" - she produced an innovative and disconcerting photographic oeuvre, placing herself in the image with the help of her partner, Suzanne Malherbe, with whom she shared her entire life. They were a mythical couple, often overlooked, despite their numerous collective works. "All creation is creation of oneself" wrote Claude Cahun, who was resistant to any form of identification and for whom "labels are to be despised." Her wish was to "sail only at the prow of (her) own ship."

Bonus DVD :
This box contains the film about Claude Cahun "Elle et Suzanne" and a 88 pages book in french.

Produced by Aube & Oona Elléouet Breton - Seven Doc
Out in 2,015
Director Fabrice Maze
Video format 16/9
Book format 13,8x18,8
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
Available subtitles :

Réf : SD71502

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