Golf, la référence

The Volkswagen Golf produced has more than 20 million specimens since 1974 soon will deprive the Beetle of the title of car the most produced in the world. In 1976 appeared mythical Golf GTI developing 110 CV. Golf GTI in its delivered black, as at ease at the city as in special of rally, very quickly becomes the connected car of the Eighties and will be copied by all the large ones constructeurs. Michel Le Pair, father of French Golf GTI 16 valves, is a witness impassioned and impossible to circumvent of the development and success of the Golf in France. Herve Brossard, President DDB groups France and DDB Europe, will initiate us with the humorous and impertinent spirit advertising campaigns of the Golf.

Bonus DVD :
60' bonus : the ultimate Cabriolet Golf. The GTI Golf (1998-2003). The R 32 Golf. The V series Golf.

Produced by Seven Doc - Gemka - Screen Services
Out in 2,001
Director Fabrice Maze
Video format 4/3
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
Available subtitles :

Réf : GCB252

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