The Nest

Are they five, fifty or a hundred? Crazy or just fanatics? Humans or mutants? Once upon a time in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, a village perched as an eagle's nest high on a cliff at the heart of the massif of Chartreuse... Once upon a time, there was a group of kids who clung to their childhood's dreams as they got older. In a place where kids dream of flying... And where you actually take off when you get old! Hang gliding, paragliding, speedriding, speedflying, base jumping... adventure flies on its own wings at the pleasure of the 4 seasons. Take a closer look at their story, their way of life, their feats and you can safely say that they're Humans with Birds rising. Or could it be the other way round...

Produced by Seven Doc - Parateam
Out in 2,010
Director Antoine Boisselier - Christophe Tong Viet - Nicolas Assael
Video format 16/9
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
Available subtitles :

Réf : SD71005

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