Victor Brauner

Born on the 15th of June 1903 in Piatra Neamtz, Romania, Victor Brauner is one of the major figures of the Surrealist movement and arguably the most enigmatic one. His childhood was immersed in a magical and superstitious world that never left him and that later permeated his artistic creation. His work is an invitation to a true alchemical initiation into image. Very much influenced by esoteric thinking – tarot, astrology, palmistry and so on – Victor Brauner borrowed from many traditions, all the while inventing his own mythology that combines sculptures, objects, paintings – items all charged with magical intent. Fascinated by the richness of his world, André Breton said: "In the face of Victor Brauner's current painting, my joy partakes of the sacred." He died on the 12th of March 1966 and is buried in Montmartre cemetery. This thought from his notebooks is engraved on his tombstone: "To me, painting is life, real life, MY LIFE…"

Bonus DVD :
This boxset contains the film in three parts about Victor Brauner "Le grand illuminateur totémique" and a 88 pages booklet in french.

Produced by Aube & Oona Elléouët-Breton - Seven Doc
Out in 2,014
Director Fabrice Maze
Video format 16/9
Book format 13,8x18,8
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
Available subtitles :

Réf : SD71404

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