Benjamin Péret

Although the poet Benjamin Péret was one of the principal figures of the Surrealist movement along with André Breton, he remains little known to the general public. By tracing his commitment to various poetic and political causes, which was a constant throughout his life, this film seeks to reaffirm his role in a collective intellectual adventure that was to have a lasting impact on the twentieth century.
An eternal rebel against authority in any form, the battles he fought in the world of ideas and politics were meant to serve a conception of human emancipation which in his eyes required the most absolute freedom: that of sensitive expression, and its natural accompaniment, critical thinking.
Innovative in both his poetic creation and his political thinking, the brilliant insights with which he nourished his oeuvre still remain as burningly relevant today.

Bonus DVD :
This box contains the film about Benjamin Péret and a 88 pages book in french.

Produced by Aube & Oona Elléouet Breton - Seven Doc
Out in 2,015
Director Rémy Ricordeau
Video format 16/9
Book format 13,8x18,8
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
Available subtitles :

Réf : SD71501

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