The Arlette Gruss Circus


Celebrating its twenty-fifth year in 2010, the Arlette Gruss Circus is today internationally respected, combining the traditional and the modern in a superlative show. To honor this anniversary, SEVEN DOC has created a boxed set containing the documentary film For as Long as there are the Gruss, directed by Gilled Chappaz and DenisSteinberg. Far from the simple acrobatics in the beginning, the Gruss Circus is now an astonishing village of one hundred twenty people who transport from city to city their enormous big-top that they call "the cathedral"…a refined aesthetic all wrapped up in the magic of the circus. It's the life in this "nomadic village" that the film reveals, living the intimacy of the passages "off-stage", the secrets of the presentation, in the wake of Gilbert Gruss, who continues the work of those who had gone before and, of course, of his mother, Arlette.

Bonus DVD :

Produced by Seven Doc – MedeO
Out in 2,010
Director Gilles Chappaz – Denis Steinberg
Video format 16/9
Book format 13,8x18,8
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
Available subtitles :

Réf : SD71002

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