Berlinette Alpine-Renault, la reine des rallyes

In 1960 appears with the Living room of Paris Berlinette Tour of Alpine France created by Jean Rédélé. Thanks to its beauty, its handiness and its lightness, it signs the revival of the French sporting car of after-guerre. During nearly twenty years, it will defend the colors Frenchwoman in the international automobile competitions and will gain in 1971 the Europe championship of the Rallys and in 1973 the first Rallys world championship. Jean-Luc Thérier, world champion with the Alpine team in 1973, tell us his best memories with this fantastic Berlinette. Its exceptional gifts of pilot and adjuster, his human qualities and its force of character in front of the blows dealt by fate make a character admired by all of it impassioned automobile sport. Bonus: 26 mn.

Bonus DVD :
Interviews with Jean Rédélé, Bernard Darniche, and François Lhermoyer. Jacques Cheinisse's 60th birthday. (95')

Produced by Seven Doc - Gemka - Screen Service - F. Maze
Out in 2,001
Director Fabrice Maze
Video format 4/3
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
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Réf : GCB173

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