Lovers of the Drus

The Dru constitute two peaks of a mountain in the Mont Blanc range. Not long ago, only the most expert international mountain climbers could approach the West Face. Even now, any attempt is inevitably a trial, with no assurance of success. For half a century, "Les Drus" encapsulated the story of modern mountain climbing. In the winter of 2004, three climbers of the latest generation, Guillaume Avrisiani, Philippe Batoux and Christophe Dumarest, ventured up the Lafaille way, the most modern of the routes on the face. The three climbers made their way into the "Cathedral" of the Mont Blanc range for a trip through history. This film shows, in parallel, their climb along with the climbs of their predecessors. Drawing on stock footage and the testimony of actual witnesses, like Guido Magnone, Catherine Destivelle and Christophe Profit, this film retraces the fabulous history of this mythical mountain.

Bonus DVD :
The heirs, the story continues. Portfolio

Produced by Seven Doc
Out in 2,007
Director Bertrand Delapierre
Video format 16/9
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :

Réf : SD70905

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