Baba Baroga, father of lions

Marcel Dupeley is a pure product of Nature. For fifty-three years he has lived in a passionate relationship with Africa : gold prospector in Oubangui, transporter in Chad and finally a hunting guide in Cameroon for thirty-two years. Marcel is in constant contact with his surroundings and has adopted two lion cubs and caring for them to their maturity.Franc Cul Pélé, a young dog-faced baboon a few weeks old, has joined the group and the trio has become quite famous throughout Cameroon's hunting regions because of the extraordinary rapport between the animals. Marcel's experience is unique. Based on his personal archives, this film portrays an exceptional story of man and lion hunting together.

Produced by Seven Doc – Safari Dupeley
Out in 2,003
Director Guy Meauxsoone
Video format 4/3
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :

Réf : SD70603

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