Vingt et une cordes pour une louange

The monastery of Keur Moussa in Senegal is not only a place of meditation for Benedictine Brothers.
Actually, thanks to the making of a traditional African musical instrument, the Kora, a sort of harp of the Mandingue ethnic group, the monks have been able to create a liturgy in which traditional Gregorian chant blends with customary African instruments like the Kora, the balafon and the djembé…
Thus, the music becomes a bridge joining the various communities and expressing a spiritual and cultural exchange.
In the Peul village of Ker Moussa, Christians and Moslems have learned to know and respect and live beside each other. This is partly due to the music they share.
This film reveals an inter-religious relationship in which Christians and Moslems have been living together for over sixty years.

Produced by Seven Doc - Itinéraire films - Idée Originale
Out in 2,007
Director Eric Gandit
Video format 4/3
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :

Réf : SD70624

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