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Terray. This name opera hat like a challenge, and resounds with glare in the unconscious collective of the mountain dwellers. For all, Lionel Terray is forever the Conqueror of Useless par excellence. Forty years after the disappearance of this guide and mountaineer of exception, which was defined "quite simply as a mountain dweller", his/her companions of race and the younger generation agreed to evoke its heritage "The Terray Way" is based on documents of time, film extracts and new images.

Bonus DVD :
Box containing a DVD and a 84 pages booklet in french (english version available as pdf)

Produced by Seven Doc - Ville de Grenoble
Out in 2,005
Director Gilles Chappaz
Video format 4/3
Book format 13,8x18,8
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
Available subtitles :

Réf : SD70809

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