The White Witch

In the austere "Horseshoe Cirque", attempts on ice are so impressive and require such a high degree of skill, that after a discrete beginning in 1976, there was a wait of twenty years before new pioneers dared the challenge. Each has returned, marked for life by the extraordinary experience. The opening of The White Witch in January, 2006 by Philippe Batoux, François Damilano and Benoît Robert was the occasion to revisit this emblematic site. Here is an exceptional panorama where incredible ice formations give way to challenging rocky climbs and vibrant testimonials…

Bonus DVD :
Teaser. Circus' addicts. Gabarrou's ice palace. Bridaveil falls (J. Lowe 1974). Topos

Produced by François Damilano – Bertrand Delapierre
Out in 2,007
Director Bertrand Delapierre
Video format 4/3
PAL / Stéréo
Available languages :
Available subtitles :

Réf : SD70615

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